Hi~~ i'm Cale and this is my KPOP blog!
but I am posting more about my bias INFINITE (sungkyu) and JYJ (Yoochun).
I'll be posting screenshots from music videos, variety shows, reality shows, music shows, etc. that I watched. Note that this tumblr blog is for me to spazz and not to give information, news, and other current stuff. I will be really happy if you will spazz with me :) gomawayo!


OMG!~ that peppero game! Their lips really touched! JongA couple kyaaaaa~~! #WeGotMarried

Nun Kiss~ kyaaa! #WeGotMarried

—- Girl’s Day members are so fun to watch! kk

Saddened by their goodbyes. I’m not even looking forward much for the season two, but I still hope it goes well. #SBSRoommate

"Birds with the same feather, flock together" - Don’t they, Park Chan Yeol? #SBSRoommate

— before it was the Park Siblings (with park Bom) but since it’s BoDong, Dong Wook replaced Bom. kk