Hi~~ i'm Cale and this is my KPOP blog!
but I am posting more about my bias INFINITE (sungkyu) and JYJ (Yoochun).
I'll be posting screenshots from music videos, variety shows, reality shows, music shows, etc. that I watched. Note that this tumblr blog is for me to spazz and not to give information, news, and other current stuff. I will be really happy if you will spazz with me :) gomawayo!


I just find Park Min Woo so handsome here. “My Weekly Dose of Park Min Woo” kk #SBSRoommate

Best looks and compatibility~~ KYAAA! My top 2 GOT7 biases.. Mark and Jr! kk #IGOT7

Best looks and compatibility~~ KYAAA! My top 2 GOT7 biases.. Mark and Jr! kk #IGOT7

Bom eonnie~ I really wish I could see you again with a HAPPY smile. Fighting Eonnie~!!!!

The last BoDOng moment :( Though they edited Bom out completely..

Bom commenting so much while Dongwook was doing sit ups. #SBSRoommate

❝My beloved second son Howon, are you surprised? This is my first letter I’m writing to you. Although it was the past, you who studied well decided to drop out from school to become a singer. That shocked the whole family and my heart broke. I was very angry at you during the time and it still takes up a corner in my heart but I could only do that during that point of time. And now, even if the people around you objects, you haven’t given up and still continued to work hard to become a singer. That’s really great. During one winter when you attended music school and wore that heavy hoodie tee drenched in sweat, I felt that although you were my son, you wanted to be a tough guy. When you first won on the music broadcast and cried while calling me, I actually cried a lot too. To acheive your dream you worked harder and seeing that side of you I became happier. Do not forget that. And let’s meet often. Remember to take the tonics I sent you and take care of your health. Let’s meet next time. I love you and I love you.❞ 

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