Hi~~ i'm Cale and this is my KPOP blog!
but I am posting more about my bias INFINITE (sungkyu) and JYJ (Yoochun).
I'll be posting screenshots from music videos, variety shows, reality shows, music shows, etc. that I watched. Note that this tumblr blog is for me to spazz and not to give information, news, and other current stuff. I will be really happy if you will spazz with me :) gomawayo!


KYAAA~!! my feels! When Yura dance Trouble Maker with Jong Hyun standing~ waah! look at his face! KYAAA! and the Girls Day members are spazzing so much! Minah was even all over the floor~~ HAHAHA. I love this scene! #WeGotMarried

The fans suddenly requested for Se Ho to kiss Nana.. Then she hid at Kong Ling Qi’s back. Se Ho ended up kissing Kong Ling Qi. kk funny! #SBSRoommate

JongA Couple Cute Moments: That “After Getting Married Game” — kyaaa~!!! #WeGotMarried

JongA Couple cute moments: He whispered to him and he leaned closer and listened intently. OHMIGOD! #WeGotMarried